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An innovative “in image” advertising platform.

Native way

Smart 55 in 4 steps.


  • web

    Native advertising

    SmartLink was created in accordance with the latest trends in native advertising, integrated on numerous websites with outstanding results.

  • mms

    Active markers

    SmartLink allows you to generate desirable user-reactions by using active markers placed directly on the images.

  • star

    Valuable context

    SmartLink uses valuable context of photos for presenting your brand or product.

  • devices

    Mobile optimized

    Smart Link is optimised for all mobile devices.

Advantages for Advertisers

  • timeline

    Generates high quality traffic that engages the user within relevant content.

  • message

    Allows advertisers to place their promotional message in a credible photo context.

  • equalizer

    Generates above-standard conversions.

  • pie_chart

    Utilizes Google Analytics statistics and enables to integrate with external tools that measure traffic.

Our Advertisers

  • Brita
  • Bridgestone
  • Allegro
  • Zalando
  • Douglas
  • Empik
  • ShowRoom
  • Mediaexpert
  • Wittchen
  • Gino Rossi
  • Home & You
  • Link4
  • Venezia
  • Unisono
  • Pandora
  • BGŻ BNP Paribas
  • Apart

Advantages For Publishers

  • trending_up

    Provides a new source of revenue.

  • dvr

    Makes use of contextual advertising.

  • developer_mode

    Does not impede the reading of content by utilizing an unobtrusive format.

  • mouse

    Reaches high CTR – 10 times higher than a traditional banner.

Our Partner Websites

  • ileważ

Smart 55 is technological start-up beased in Warsaw specialized in native advertising solutions.

  • CEO
    Jan Dybczyński
    Native advertising will soon become the dominant trend in online marketing.
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  • Project Manager
    Marek Klimek
    I strive for every campaign to use contextual advertising to best serve the client's needs.
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  • CTO
    Dawid Pietryga
    Smartlink privides state-of-the-art technological solutions ensuring very effective performance.
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  • Account Manager
    Lidia Bińczyk
    The adaptability and flexibility of the platform allow the execution of even the most creative campaigns.
    phone +48 535 982 918
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  • Sales Manager
    Radosław Mincewicz
    Smartlink utilizes a sophisticated technological environment to accurately target users.
    phone +48 602 377 876
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Smart55 logo
Native way
Projekt Poprawa otoczenia biznesu i dostępu do finansowania małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw współfinansowany przez Szwajcarię w ramach Szwajcarsko-Polskiego Programu Współpracy z nowymi krajami członkowskimi Unii Europejskiej. Wartość dofinansowania: 53 000 000 CHF.